European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At Dandelion, we understand that the data you manage in your business is critical.  However, did you know that under new EU regulations, there are new obligations on you to ensure personal data is kept private and deleted after use?

At Dandelion, we see the GDPR as a sustainability issue.  There is the challenge of legal compliance, maintaining reputation and avoiding fines ( €20m or 4% of turnover -whichever is greater).

We believe however that GDPR presents an opportunity to review the quality of data held and to maximise its use across the processes of your organisation.
You wouldn’t leave safety just to the safety team, same with data, its everyone’s responsibility to ensure the privacy of personal data used within an organisation.

Sustainable Energy Design


Energy and sustainability affect business today more than ever before.

Responsible organisations must demonstrate and deliver on their green credentials.

How can your business remain viable in a changing economic and regulatory landscape?

We believe design thinking has the answer.

Whether it be power supply decisions, process efficiency design, or sustainability.

We have the expertise to help you.


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We facilitate thought leadership through knowledge creation and sharing with our clients


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Gerard is our critical thinker and story teller. He likes to address the bigger picture, and help to dispel the fog of confusion that often accompanies new idea creation. He believes in creating the right environment in which the client can find and explore all their options.

“the biggest problem facing the world today is not climate change, it’s the inadequacy of our thinking”

Edward De Bono

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