Investor Confidence Project comes to Ireland

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Building Investor Confidence


Connecting finance to energy efficiency projects is not without it’s challenges. It’s such a big problem in fact, that the EU Energy Efficiency Directive mandated member States to develop and promote the application of innovative financing mechanisms. So what is being done to make this happen?

The ICP initiative originated from the US, and now has EU Commission funding. It’s objective is to standardise efficiency projects to make them more international investor-friendly. Dandelion contributed to the proejct information about the various standards and protocols that are relevant to the Irish efficiency industry. In return, ICP came to Ireland in January 2016 to convene stakeholders and to promote the scheme.

Standardisation simplifies the investor decision making process. We also need to be able to quantify the co-benefits of energy efficiency, and begin to build this into the evaluation process.

We see standards like IS399 as being ideal for adoption by investors. It’s the only approach that ensures optimum performance.

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